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Niels Pflaeging

Speaker. Advisor. Author. Management Exorcist
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Niels Pflaeging is a passionate and thoughtful advocate for a “new breed“ of leadership and profound change in organizations. He is an acclaimed speaker and author of several books, a co-founder and associate of the BetaCodex Network, and president of his own consulting firm based in New York and Wiesbaden.

In his work, three core topics stand out: Leadership, Transformation and Learning. Prior to the BetaCodex Network, Niels was a director with the prestigious Beyond Budgeting Round Table, BBRT, for five years, between 2003 and 2007. He was also a business controller at multinational corporations, including ThyssenKrupp and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Niels wrote four books and many articles on leadership and transformation, and since 2002 has travelled more than 30 countries, presenting and discussing the outlines of a new organizational model for the knowledge economy. He is a prolific speaker, speaking four languages fluently: English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Niels´ second book, “Leading with flexible Targets. Beyond Budgeting in Practice” was awarded the Financial Times Germany Best Business Book award, in 2006. All his three books were lauded by critics and readers and became bestsellers. His first book, “Beyond Budgeting, Better Budgeting” was recently nominated one of the “100 Best Business Books of All Times” in a compendium of the same title.

Since 2006, Niels has been strongly involved in transformational change initiatives as a short-time and long-time advisor, in firms both in Europe and in the Americas.

Niels is an urbanite and something of a global citizen. He has lived in some of the world´s largest cities, including New York, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. Niels is vitally interested in all things cultural – ranging from movies, music, modern art, design, architecture and history to intercultural phenomena and languages. He lives in Wiesbaden (Germany) and in New York City.

What others say

"When Pflaeging shakes the dogmas of management, they crumble in his hands." Financial Times Germany
Niels Pflaeging is the father of the end of management.” Winfried Felser, competence-site
Disrespectfully, Pflaeging deconstructs classic management theory and, in a well-humored manner, offers coherent alternatives.“ Harvard Business Review